Northern Industrial (NIS)produces a variety of printed circuit board assemblies including SMT, thru hole and mixed technology
Northern Industrial Services(NIS) specializes in custom manufactured cables and wiring harness assemblies for commercial and military applications
Northern Industrial Services(NIS) specializes in numerous types of electro-mechanical assemblies both small and large, from prototype thru production
Northern Industrial Services (NIS). provides white glove assembly and testing
Northern Industrial Services(NIS) can be your supplier of higher level assemblies for many of our clients. Mainframe test cabinets, control cabinets, and full assembly

    Electronic files Accepted

  • Soildworks all extensions
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • DWG
  • DXF
  • Pro-E
  • STEP
  • IGES
  • ACIS
  • CADL
  • SAT
  • STL
  • VDA
  • Parasolid


  • 332322
  • 332710
  • 332999
  • 333295
  • 334418
  • 334419
  • 334515
  • 335313


  • 3444
  • 3599
  • 3613
  • 3679
  • 3825
  • 3999

Northern Industrial Services Inc.
Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

Northern Industrial Services specializes in custom manufactured cable and wire harness assemblies for commercial and military applications. Northern's commitment to quality ensures that each assembly meets our clients' specifications prior to shipment with work performed to IPC-A-620
Northern's wiring technicians provide high performance solutions to our clients needs. Working from client specifications that range from simple straight assemblies to complex and sophisticated high density harnesses with multiple breakouts, our technicians get it right the first time.
Northern Industrial provides digital wiring harness assembly, analog harness assembly, custom made flexable buss bars as well as weather-tight cable and harness assemblies for military applications. Every cable receives a point-to-point check and inspection to ensure these assemblies meet your specifications including high pot testing when required.

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Robert E. Traver Jr. at Ext 224